A greater place to film

1. Access to special financial incentives

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation supports film and television development and production in Greater Sudbury through its Emerging Technology Fund. Over $54.8 million has been provided to 80 projects across Northern Ontario since 2004.

Production companies shooting in Sudbury can benefit from generous provincial and federal tax credits, including the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and the Canada Production Services Tax Credit.

Plus, shooting in Sudbury is affordable with reasonably priced accommodations, restaurants and catering services.

2. State-of-the-art facilities

Sudbury has the necessary infrastructure for high-quality film, television and video productions, a dedicated film production space, equipment rental supply services, post-production services from Technicolor®, as well as equipment and production trucks.

The Northern Ontario Film Studios features a 20,000 square foot main stage floor and has everything to service your production needs. You can base your whole production here.

Hideaway PicturesCarte Blanche Films and Copperworks Consulting are film and television production companies dedicated to the development of the film industry in Northern Ontario. They have a dedicated track record of offering excellent services to producers from outside the area.

3. Availability of Support Services

The City of Greater Sudbury and Music and Film in Motion can assist in every aspect of production. We offer free services to help filmmakers make the most out of their budget and have a great experience in the region.

From location scouting to professional contacts to logistics, we will bend over backwards to help you set up camp.

Filmmakers shooting in Sudbury can also join the Northern Film Network for the opportunity to showcase and market their productions and connect with local talent.

4. Passionate Crews

Keep production costs low by working with local professionals rather than paying the expenses of an out-of-town crew. From set designers, to sound and light technicians, to hair and makeup artists, you’ll find highly skilled individuals wanting to contribute to your project.

Partnerships with post-secondary institutions are proof of our ongoing commitment to fostering local talent.

Find Sudbury talent by accessing Music and Film in Motion’s crew database.

5. Unparalleled Scenery

Sudbury has a variety of cultural, residential and industrial locales ideal for film and television production. Its geographically and architecturally diverse locations are great for modern day or period pieces. The city can double as any number of metropolitan areas.

The majestic beauty of Northern Ontario’s landscape includes natural surroundings that can double for a variety of backdrops. Our excellent four-season climate offers colour palettes to suit any film setting: snow-covered lakes in the winter, budding greenery in the spring, sunny beaches in the summer and golden foliage in the fall. And by the way, we have infrastructure in place to make filming in inclement weather a breeze.

See for yourself. Take a look at our city with this locations library maintained  by the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Plus, our local scouting professionals have established contacts and can help you sort through the sites and find your ideal filming locations.

6. Famous Northern Hospitality

Local businesses and residents are thrilled to welcome you to our city. While you’re here, go ahead and enjoy our amenities, including fabulous full-service hotels, amazing restaurants and all sorts of exciting activities.

City staff and Music and Film in Motion can assist in finding accommodations to suit any budget.

7. Easily Accessible

Sudbury is really close to the action. We’re in close proximity to the major film centre of Toronto. It’s only a 1-hour flight away and is serviced by affordable, commercial airlines. Or you can drive here on the new four-lane highway, which is a smooth commute in less than 4 hours with many convenient rest stops. 

8. Film-Friendly Policies

Our love of cinema and television is apparent. That’s why Sudbury is a proactive and film-friendly region. Come here and you’ll find a variety of filming locations to choose from, along with accommodating municipal policies and no charge for film permits. A dedicated film liaison officer at the city will walk you through every step on the way to producing your project.  Download our film policy manual to get all the details on municipal procedures for filming in Sudbury.

9. Join the Ranks

Be a part of the success of our city’s growing film industry. Greater Sudbury has a storied history in film exhibition as home to one of Canada’s biggest film festivals Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival.  Take a look at this list of successful films and series shot in Sudbury 

10. Local Casting Opportunities

Finally, what is the most important reason you should shoot in Sudbury? We’re simply magnificent people! Local actors, artists, musicians and other professionals are all vying for the chance to be a part your project’s success.

Get in touch with us today. We’ll connect you with the right people and help you turn your production dream into a reality.

Planning You Sudbury Production

The City of Greater Sudbury has developed new filming policies to accommodate a growing local film industry.

  • Municipal Support

    The City of Greater Sudbury can assist in every aspect of production! We offer free services to help filmmakers make the most out of their budget and have a great experience in the region. From location scouting to connecting you with professional contacts, we will do all that we can to help make your production a success!


    Jonathon Condratto
    Business Development Officer
    Greater Sudbury Development Corporation

    Telephone: 705-674-4455 ext. 4429
    Toll free: 1-866-451-8525
    Fax: 705-671-6767
    Email: film@greatersudbury.ca OR jonathon.condratto@greatersudbury.ca

    Greater Sudbury Development Corporation
    City of Greater Sudbury
    P.O. Box 5000, Station A
    200 Brady Street
    Sudbury, ON P3A 5P3

  • Provincial Support

    The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC)

    The NOHFC supports film and television development and production in Greater Sudbury as a crown corporation and development agency of the Provincial Government. This work is done through the Northern Business Opportunity Program - Film and Television Industry Projects.

    To learn about funding for business expansion projects, small business start-up projects and the internship program visit http://nohfc.ca/en

    Competitive Tax Incentives:

    Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit

    The Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit based upon eligible Ontario labour expenditures incurred by a qualifying production company with respect to an eligible Ontario production. The OFTTC is generally “harmonized” with the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

    Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit
    The Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit based on eligible Ontario labour expenditures incurred by a qualifying corporation during a taxation year with respect to eligible computer animation and special effects activities. The OCASE Tax Credit may be claimed on eligible expenditures in addition to the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit (OFTTC) or the Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC).

    Ontario Production Services Tax Credit

    The Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC) is a refundable tax credit based upon eligible Ontario labour and other production expenditures incurred by a qualifying corporation with respect to an eligible film or television production.

  • Federal Support

    Canada Business Network

    Canada Business Network is a collaborative arrangement between federal departments and agencies, provincial and territorial governments, and not-for-profit organizations. By providing information government services, programs and regulation, the network can assist owners in the growth and success of their business.

    To learn about the Northern Ontario Internship Program and the incentives in place for hiring young Northern Ontarians visit the Canada Business Network.  https://canadabusiness.ca/


    National Film Board of Canada

    The NFB exists within the Canadian Heritage Department to provide a unique Canadian perspective on Canada and the world. By creating, distributing and engaging audiences with audiovisual works, the NFB shows both who we are as a nation, and what we may be.

    Explore the online screening room, educational resources and more by visiting



    Canadian Tax Credits

    The primary objective of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) is to encourage Canadian programming and to stimulate the development of an active domestic independent production sector. The CPTC program gives a tax credit to qualified corporations producing Canadian film or video productions. Canadian control requirements ensure that the incentive is available only to Canadian-controlled companies.

    Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit Program

    To qualify for the PSTC program, the applicant must be an eligible production corporation that carries on through a permanent establishment in Canada a business that is primarily a film or video production business, or a film or video production services business. Specifically excluded are prescribed labour-sponsored venture capital corporations, tax-exempt corporations and corporations controlled by one or more tax-exempt persons. In addition, the corporation must either:

    • own the copyright in the film for which a claim is being made; or
    • have contracted directly with the owner of the copyright, where the owner of the copyright is not an eligible production corporation.

    Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program

Industry Directory

With a head office in Ottawa and a production office in Sudbury, Carte Blanche Films has grown to become one of the leading production companies in Canada. With outstanding producers, and years of expertise, Carte Blanche films is known internationally for its un-paralleled production quality.

For more information on the organization and its production opportunities visit http://www.carteblanchefilms.ca/.

Supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), this non-profit association represents computer animation as well as digital visual effects companies in Ontario. CASO helps support a cohesive CG animation and visual effects community, while promoting and marketing in both local and international markets.

Visit http://www.casont.ca/ for membership information, artist portfolios, and additional resources. 

Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival is incorporated in Canada as a non-profit charitable organization. Guided by an 11 member volunteer Board, whose mandate is to organize and promote an annual festival of highly acclaimed Canadian and world films, as well as encourage film culture, education, and production in Northern Ontario.

The Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) is Canada's leading trade association for independent producers, representing more than 350 companies engaged in the development, production and distribution of English-language television programs, feature films and digital media.

For more information visit: http://cmpa.ca/

Copperworks is a media arts, culture and non-profit consulting firm, offering turnkey solutions to organizations of all kinds, dealing with a rapidly changing environment


For more information visit: http://www.copperworksconsulting.ca/

The Directors Guild of Canada Ontario (DGC Ontario) is a provincial labour organization representing more than 2,200 key creative and logistical personnel working in the screen-based industries in the areas of direction, assistant direction, design, production management, locations, accounting and editing. DGC Ontario secures work opportunities for its Members, represents their interests through the negotiation and administration of collective agreements, and engages in extensive industry advocacy and lobbying activities at the provincial and municipal levels.


HIDEAWAY PICTURES INC. is a privately owned, Sudbury, Ontario based company. Its principal purpose and business is the specialization in production and post-production services to the motion picture and television industry unequalled in Northern Ontario. We plan to provide creative solutions for all cinematic needs. http://hideawaypictures.com/ 

Music and Film in Motion (MFM), a division of the not-for-profit organization Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION), is dedicated to fostering and promoting the music and film industries in Northern Ontario, as well as providing educational programming to cultivate the advancement of Northern Ontario’s emerging talent.


For a complete list of resources and ongoing productions visit http://www.cionorth.ca/en/

The Northern Film Network is a subscription-based service that offers registered filmmakers a community to showcase their films to prospective buyers, distributors, programmers, service subscribers and other industry insiders. It is also a forum to connect with talent and to celebrate some of the best of today’s independent talent. To sign up visit:  http://www.northernfilmnetwork.ca/

The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is the central catalyst for the province’s cultural media cluster including book publishing, film and television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries.

Visit the Ontario Media Development Corporation for more information: http://www.omdc.on.ca/

The Screen Composers Guild of Canada is a national association of professional music composers and producers for film, television and media

For more information visit: http://screencomposers.ca/

Telefilm is dedicated to the cultural, commercial and industrial success of Canada’s audiovisual industry. Through funding and promotion programs, Telefilm supports dynamic companies and creative talent at home and around the world.

For more information visit: http://www.telefilm.ca/en/?q=en

NABET 700-M UNIFOR is a union of film, television and new media technicians and currently has over 3,000 qualified technicians in fifteen departments of the film and television industry.

For more information visit: http://www.nabet700.com/

The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) represents more than 2,200 professional English-language screenwriters across Canada. These are the creators who write the distinctly Canadian entertainment we enjoy on our televisions, movie screens, and digital platforms.

For more information visit: http://www.wgc.ca/

Inspired Image Picture Company is one of Canada’s top providers for broadcast and cinema equipment rentals, production, and post-production services. With over 30 years of experience in the film and broadcast communities, we are both nationally and internationally recognized for providing round the clock quality care for our clients as well as production and technical coordination services. If it goes on screen, we are your go-to source, no matter the scale, no matter the budget. 


For more information on services available please visit http://inspiredimage.ca/

Whether it be live performing arts, concerts, trade shows, or motion picture production, IATSE Local 634 has the technicians to do the work. Every situation is unique. Every area is its own.

IATSE Local 667 represents camera professionals and unit publicists who work in all phases of Motion Picture productions recorded for theatrical feature films, films for television, television series, commercials, documentaries and internet productions.

IATSE Local 411 works in tandem with all the other Unions, Guilds and Associations in the Toronto area and has jurisdiction for its members across the province of Ontario. We have dedicated professional members who have a broad range of skills and experience working on everything from documentaries to Oscar winning feature films. Our members form the backbone of every production, on set and in the office, working through all phases of production, prep to post.

Toronto’s Red Square Motion and Sudbury’s Riley Lake Productions have joined forces to create Northern Light & Colour, positioned to become Northern Ontario’s premiere post production facility, with the office currently setup in Sudbury, one of the centers of the production in the North. Red Square’s CEO Pasha Patriki and Riley Lake’s Jake Thomas have worked together on various TV projects and feature films and together bring over 50 years of experience to the much needed and booming film and television production industry in Northern Ontario.

For additional information, please visit www.northernlight.io

Rebecca Bose Photographer offers commercial, event, and Documentary style Wedding, Engagement and Family Services. We also offer photo restoration and film services including Black and White film development, Scanning of negatives, slides and prints.

Qmulus Film Accounting is a full-service, cloud-based accounting platform that specializes in bookkeeping and production accounting for Films and TV shows. A division of Toronto based SBLR LLP Professional Chartered Accountants, the Qmulus film platform is specially designed for Low Budget Independent Film & TV productions. Qmulus offers robust support in all areas of film development and production including financial planning, budgeting, cash flow analysis, bookkeeping, payroll, cash management, banking, HST payments & refunds, tax credits, financial reporting & statements, and all other accounting components of film/TV production. Qmulus Film Accounting - your one-stop accounting shop.


Filmed on Location

Community Profile

The Sudbury area is rich in natural, urban, industrial and cultural landmarks.  The City of Greater Sudbury (population: 162,900) was amalgamated in 2003 with seven former area municipalities, spanning over 3,600 square kilometers and featuring a wealth of natural landscapes from the northern beauty of Onaping Falls to the rugged geological formations studied by Apollo astronauts.  Look through the locations featured by the Ontario Media Development Corporation to see for yourself.

From rocky cliffs and pristine lakes to open fields and urban downtowns, the topography can suit a variety of backdrops, and our Sudburian mine sites have been featured in a number of productions.  Combined with four very distinct seasons, you can get what you are looking for in Greater Sudbury.  

  • Sudbury’s film industry includes production, financial, business and professional service companies, suppliers, unions and guilds.
  • More than 900 people are directly employed in Sudbury’s production industry
  • More than 90 projects - representing 2,774 shoot days - were filmed in Sudbury since 2012

Get Your Property Listed

Whether the production is film, television or shorts and commercials productions are always looking for appropriate locations for filming. If you are a property owner and have interest you can list your property in the Ontario Media Development Corporations Digital Location Library.

For more information visit: https://digitallibrary.omdc.on.ca/DigitalLibrary/Location/LocationSearch.aspx



Shot Here

Be a part of the success of our city’s growing film industry. Take a look at this list of successful films and series shot in Sudbury:

What Would Sal Do? Season 1 (2015)

We All Play for Canada - Canadian Tire Commercial (2014)

The Agenda with Steve Paikin (TVO on the Road) (2013)


Look Book (OMDC)

Take a look at some of the locations available in the City of Greater Sudbury

Look Book

Scouting/ Surveying

The City of Greater Sudbury and Music and Film in Motion can assist in every aspect of production. We offer free services to help filmmakers make the most out of their budget and have a great experience in the region.

From location scouting to professional contacts to logistics, we will bend over backwards to help you set up camp.

Plus, our local scouting professionals have established contacts and can help you sort through the sites and find your ideal filming locations.

Planning Your Sudbury Production

The City of Greater Sudbury has developed new filming policies to accommodate a growing local film industry.

  • Film Policy

  • Sample Production Timelines






    Preliminary Scouting

    Aka: window Shopping for the ideal Northern City

    Months prior to filming

    Scout (sometimes with producer)

    Review look-book and brainstorm locations with scout

    Review look-book and brainstorm locations


    Locations Scouting

    Aka: window shopping for the ideal shooting locations

    3-6 weeks prior to filming

    Locations manager (LM)

    Source CGS properties/ private/ departmental jurisdiction, grant access as needed, provide scouting parking permits

    Recommend properties (public & private)

    Final Scouting

    Aka: finalizing the right location to use

    1-3 weeks prior to filming

    LM, Art Department, Director, Producer, DOP

    Grant access to CGS locations through relevant depts., confirm film-friendliness of the location with CGS depts., contract considerations

    Provide LM with advice on film-friendly locations (if needed)

    Shoot List

    Aka: determining the right camera angles and lighting requirements

    1-2 weeks prior to filming (optional)

    LM, Art Department, Director, DOP

    Grant access to location through relevant depts., contract considerations


    Tech Survey

    Aka: determining where to park the trucks, power, sources, security, access points etc.

    1 week prior to filming

    LM, Keys of Depts (transport, Grip, Electrical etc.)

    Come along for survey if available, liaise with relevant/ needed, liaise with relevant CGS depts. To finalize contract (cost recovery, access, rentals, props etc.)

    Provide advice for unit parking (if needed)



    Aka: obtaining all signatures, payment etc.

    2-5 days prior to filming

    LM, Assistant LM

    Ensure contract is signed and paid/ invoiced, respond to any last minute requests



    Aka: circus rolls in, set is dressed, background holding, lunch rooms etc.

    1-5 days prior to filming

    LM, Art Department

    On call for emergency liaising with Locations Manager, public, CGS depts., visits to set



    Aka: all crew on set for 12+ hours a day

    Day of filming

    LM et al.

    On call for emergency liaising with Locations Manager, public, CGS depts., visits to set



    Aka: remove all evidence and move on

    Days of filming


    Confirm through relevant CGS depts. that location is restored

    Speak with burnt

  • Filming Timelines Checklist

    The City of Greater Sudbury is committed to accommodating your film requests in a timely manner. In order for us to better serve you please ensure that appropriate lead times are followed. All documents are to be returned to the Film Liaison Officer at film@greatersudbury.ca (705-674-4455 ext. 4429). Further requirements may be necessary on a case by case basis.

    Upon meeting with a Film Liaison Officer

    Submit one copy of the Production Information Form, along with the following

    • Insurance Certificate
    • Locations shooting schedule
    • Cast and crew list
    • Copy of the script

    ** Minimum 10 business days Prior to each specific filming location

    Submit Film Location Permit Application, along with sketches and outlines of the following (as applicable).

    • Specific filming locations
    • Special effects plan
    • Municipal facilities requests
    • Traffic management plan (pedestrian and vehicular)

    Minimum 1 week prior to start of filming

    Submit payment, as applicable

    • Security deposit in the form of certified cheque or money order
    • Permit payment

    ** Minimum 2 business days prior to each specific filming location

    Submit proof of the following as applicable

    • Payment for Paid Duty Officers
    • Payment for municipal properties/ facilities/ services
    • Approval of special effects plan for Emergency Services
    • Proof of private property consent

    Minimum 7 calendar days prior to each specific filming location

    Notify affected residents and businesses using the Notification Letter (template provided)

    • Collect signatures for submission upon request to the Film Liaison


    ** These have been notoriously last minute. Goal of streamlined permitting process is to make lead time compliance easier for both production and CGS 

  • Resident & Business Considerations

  • Municipal Property Considerations

  • Parking Considerations

  • Production Considerations

  • Safety Considerations

City of Greater Sudbury Disclaimer

The City of Greater Sudbury reserves the right to refuse to allow filming or issuance of a Permit to an applicant that does not comply with and/ or satisfy the criteria outlined in these guidelines, or to terminate the Permit. Decisions will be made on an individual basis.

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